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In this workshop, we will give you a versatile tool that will help you improve many aspects of your life. The best part is that the key to this tool is inside you. Participation is free.

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This workshop is for people of all ages and backgrounds, especially if you...

Have a desire for change
Want to achieve more
Are looking for the meaning and purpose of life
Are tired of everyday life
Are unsatisfied
Have problems with aggression
Feel like you’re burning out
Are disappointed with life
Feel like modern psychiatry hasn’t helped you

What is this workshop about?

What is the meaning of meditation?
Pros and cons of meditation?
When and for how much time should I meditate?
What are the conditions for practicing meditation?
What kind of preparation is needed to practice meditation?
What questions and problems does meditation help to solve?
The subtle system of human beings
What are chakras and energy channels?
Self-realisation (practical lesson)
What is self-realisation, and why is it needed?
Balancing energy channels (practical lesson)
How to start meditating - step-by-step instructions.
This is a non-commercial project, supported by a team of long-term meditation practitioners from various countries. Meditation is a living process - like the growth of a tree, you cannot pay for it to take place. Our sole purpose is to share this information and knowledge. Participation is free.

How can this workshop be useful to you?

Know yourself better
Become more sociable, patient, and satisfied
Find it easier to relate to and go through various life situations, both good and bad
Understand the reasons for what is happening both inside and around you
Better understand other people and learn how to bring yourself into balance
Understand the meaning and purpose of life, and the world around you
Improve your mental well-being, emotional state and physical health
Understand the interrelationships of what is happening both within yourself and your surroundings
Some of our team received this knowledge more than 25 years ago, and during this time, we have become evermore sure of our choice and the effectiveness of this technique. Participation is free.

Sahaja Yoga

Sahaja Yoga is an effective meditation and Self-realisation technique. In the process of awakening your inner energy, you can learn meditation methods and continue the practice at home. Meditation – a state of no thought – is one of the key tools to human spiritual evolution.

The human subtle system consists of three vertical energy channels and seven main energy centres. In Sahaja Yoga, through the process of Self-realisation, the subtle system is fully activated with the awakening of the Kundalini. The Kundalini is the spiritual energy present in all human beings, and acts like your individual spiritual mother, nurturing and cleansing you.

The Subtle System
Energy centres: 1. Muladhara-chakra (innocence), 1a. Kundalini (maternal energy), 2. Svadishtan Chakra (creativity), 3. Nabhi Chakra (peace), 3a. Void (guru principle), 4. Anahata chakra (love and compassion), 5. Vishuddhi chakra (collectivity), 6. Agnya chakra (forgiveness), 7. Sahasrara chakra (integration).
Energy channels: A. Right channel (physical and mental activity), B. Left channel (emotions and desires), C. Central channel (ascension and spiritual growth).

Subtle System

Receive your Self-realisation

The Kundalini energy rises up from the sacrum bone and moves along the spine. As a result, your energy centres (chakras) become enlightened and filled with energy. When the Kundalini energy passes through the brain, we spontaneously achieve a state of spiritual peace and a higher state of consciousness. It purifies and balances the entire subtle system and enlightens the pure qualities of the chakras within us. And most importantly, only after Self-realisation and the awakening of Kundalini does a person get the ability to achieve a true state of meditation.

The actions that take place through the parasympathetic system and the rising of the Kundalini are spontaneous, so the term Sahaja (spontaneous in Sanskrit) meditation was discovered by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970. Once the Kundalini has awakened and risen above the head, we become enlightened or realised people, enjoying a full understanding of our subtle system, spirituality and meditation.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga
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